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Safari, tinyMCE and Pasting

If you attempt to paste in to a tinyMCE Text field using the Paste option when you right click, you will receive a message telling you that Safari doesn't support this function. The message does suggest using the keyboard short cut (ctrl v) for pasting and testing has shown that this option will work.

--lds on 07.24.2012 18:43:34 1 Comments
Some Good News for IE Users

Well, this is a little embarassing given the number of times I typed the word incompatible when discussing Internet Explorer. If you wish use the tinyMCE Editor in the newer  Internet Explorer, simply click on Compatibility View icon in the address bar (it looks like a torn piece of paper) to the left of the Refresh and Stop icons. It should turn a darker shade when the feature has ben turned on. Depending on how you have your browsing history maintenance set up, you may only need to do this once.

My apologies, I rarely use Internet Explorer and had completely forgotten the feature existed.

--lds on 07.12.2012 15:03:13 0 Comments
Internet Explorer and TinyMCE Editor
We strongly recommend turning off the tinyMCE editor when using Internet Explorer. Further testing has found that it also interferes with adding challenges and using the Contact Us form. The feature can be turned off under "Edit Preferences" in your Account Info.

The tineMCE is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome. We are attempting to isolate the incompatibility but it is not part of the actual website code, so we do not have an estimated time for resolution.

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