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Spock does not have a need for the belief personally, but he understands the human desire.

(It takes McCoy years to get him to have a drink.)

Rated: T
Categories: TOS Characters: Amanda Grayson, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock
Genres: Friendship, Pre-Slash, Romance
Pairings: Spock/McCoy
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Word count: 8615 Read: 40312
Published: 07.02.2012 Updated: 07.04.2012
Story Notes:


So I've been watching TOS, and have become that one obnoxious Spones shipper on your dash. I promise it was an accident.

This is going to be a spontaneously-updated multi-chapter thing based mainly around episodes and my thoughts surrounding them; "deleted scenes" and the like with a Spock/McCoy reading that actually does develop into something resembling a romantic plot. It is entirely for my own pleasure but you can come too.

Important notes: a). I have not yet seen the movies, as I'm meandering pleasantly through the third season with no real rush. b). Anything I learn in the future contradicting my headcanons about McCoy's dad (based on DeForest Kelley's dad) I will conveniently manage to forget.


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